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Why have a combination boiler fitted by B.Brill Plumbing & Heating LTD

Why have a combination boiler fitted by 

B.Brill Plumbing & Heating LTD?

We have been installing boilers in Milton Keynes for over 10 year's and are Worcester Bosch Accredited installers. We offer the best guarantees on the market and with options to spread the cost of the installation and our online quote tool, we are trying our best to make a new boiler installation the easiest it can be. 

If your combination boiler has broken down or your looking for a new efficient option then your in the right place. You may have looked at our website and wondered what all the parts are under the boilers. These are normally extras that help maintain the life of the boiler and the entire system. These extras are sometimes not installed by other companies to make the installation cheaper however most manufactures recommend them. We install them on every combination boiler installation because we know they work.  

So what are these extras were talking about:

Worcester Bosch system filter. Over time, central heating system water accumulates harmful dirt and debris, such as rust and solder fragments shed by radiators and boilers, all of which can cause considerable problems. Magnetic filters have been pacifically designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and  pollutants by capturing contaminants before they reach your boiler.

Scale reducers. Scale reducers and limescale inhibitors protect plumbing systems against the damage caused by hard water and limescale. This stops the 

Shock Arrestor. Mini expansion vessel is a maintenance free     device   to accommodate small increases in system volume and/or        help prevent water hammer in plumbing systems.