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Why fluctuating UK temperature have strengthened the case for heating controls

Temperatures in the UK are becoming increasingly unstable. The extreme fluctuations that we now experience, particularly during the winter months, have strengthened the case for a more widespread use of sophisticated heating controls.

So how can heating controls help your customers to get-ahead of swinging temperatures?

Weather Compensator

When weather systems like the ‘Beast from the East’ strike, heating controls that can automatically respond to cooling household temperatures, are key to keeping customers comfortable.

Weather compensation controls, such as the Greenstar Sense II, are ideally suited to responding to such fluctuations. They measure the external temperature of the home and adjusts the heating flow temperature automatically to meet the homeowners desired comfort levels. 

They regulate the radiator circulating temperature by increasing it when the outside temperature is colder. This ensures that the property proactively maintains the homeowner’s chosen temperature without spikes in boiler performance or underheating the home.

Smart control with TRVs

Heating a home can be challenging, and with certain rooms changing temperature at varying speeds, maintaining overall household comfort can be tricky – particularly in the winter.

The Bosch EasyControl is a smart internet connected smart thermostat and offers a sophisticated way to combat outdoor temperature fluctuations thanks to weather compensation and a host of other internet-enabled features. When combined with Bosch Smart TRVs, homeowners can easily control the heating in each individual room.

Precise temperature control ensures that householders stay warm and relaxed in the living room at 21°C while keeping comfortable in the bedroom at 18°C - even when there is a chill in the outside air.

In January 2018, there was a difference of 17°C between the highest maximum and lowest minimum temperatures in England, which is the kind of temperature swing that we’re seeing more of year-on-year.

Heating controls have therefore become a valuable product for homeowners looking to keep their homes at their optimum temperature throughout the cold and wintery months.