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New Boiler, Best Pratice Guide

New Boiler, Best Practice 

If you are looking for a new boiler and checking websites for prices and your having salesman round for quotations you will hear different advice. Some people will say you have to do this and some say you don’t.  It’s confusing and you don’t know who is right! The main subject for this is the topic of a Powerflush or  MagnaCleanse. What’s the difference?

Here’s what you need to know:

Price - The main difference is the price. A cleanse of the system will take 1-2 hours and is a must when having a new boiler installed. It’s is normally included in most online quoting tools. A power flush on the other hand can take 4-6 hours to do it properly and because of this can cost £300+ more due to the extra time needed. 

OutcomeA Powerflush machine uses its own powerful pump to force the water around the system which also has a chemical addition which will breakdown the dirt and debris and clean the system. The water will be drained and refilled constantly with clean water throughout the process. There’s no doubt that this has a better overall outcome.   A MeaganCleanse on the other hand uses the central heating pump to circulate the water around also with the addition of chemicals but the debris will be caught on the 2 filters attached to the system. The system will be drained down once completed and refilled with a inhibitor. While this is not as thorough, it meets the manufactures requirements. 

All of our boiler installations will include the MegnaCleanse as standard with the option to upgrade to a Powerflush.  

Our Process:

Attach the MagnaCleanse Filters to the system and flush with Adey MC3+ cleaner.

Allow the chemical to circulate and loosen any debris which will be collected in the filters. 

Remove the MagnaClense filters and show you how much has been collected

Install your magnetic System filter which is included in the quote

Add the Adey MC1+ Inhibitor 

Future Care - Now you have a system filter installed and a heating system dosed with Adey MC1+ inhibitor your central heating system should be well protected and minimal build up of debris created. Furthermore the system filter will be cleaned out on every boiler service so that any debris built up is removed meaning a more efficient system and less breakdowns caused to poor water quality. 

Remember Don’t always go for the cheapest quote, a cheap quote may mean items are missed of or no flush at all. Make sure as a minimal a MagnaCleanse is carried out to keep the manufactures guarantee valid